Technical sun protection

Building styles evolve over time. Many buildings and homes are designed with facades that feature large glass surfaces to allow natural light to enter. These new trends pose different challenges that need to be addressed to ensure good functionality and user experience.

We are all clear that greater exposure to light benefits our health and does more pleasant work and habitat environments. However, it is necessary to be able to control this torrent of light and the effects of the incidence of the sun to ensure comfort inside. Vertical awnings are a second skin for these facades. They protect from the sun, also from the rain on the crystals, they give shelter and privacy.

Su energy savings consumed by the air conditioners represents a great benefit for the user and a gesture that contributes to the preservation of the environment. Vertical awnings can be chest awnings, with the canvas protected inside the upper drawer. They also present different guiding options: by zip fastener, with rod, cable or wide guide. Zip railing and wide railing are also used extensively to complement the sides of pergolas. We can vertically close all or several of the sides of the pergolas. In this way we add greater protection to these outdoor spaces.

Products belonging to this range

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3 textile vertical systems with straight lines cassette

The vertical solution of high adaptability and elegance with Concealed Guidance in the KLAIS 110-ZIP, with Windbreaks in the KLAIS 110-G and with Visible Guidance in the KLAIS 110-CV.

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The vertical system that gathers great advantages

Modern architecture has encouraged the use of vertical awnings to protect facades from sunlight and weather conditions such as wind or rain.

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Protection for large spaces

The Maxiscreen model is a curtain designed to cover large glass surfaces as it allows dimensions of 5 x 5 meters.

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Maxiscreen Box

The cassette curtain for exterior protection

The Maxiscreenbox model is a curtain with a box that acts as a sunscreen, screen or visual insulator. Ideal for large spaces.

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