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Explore our collection of balcony awnings, perfect for enhancing your outdoor space with style and functionality. At Llaza, we offer you everything from elegant vertical awnings to innovative side models, suitable for any type of balcony. Our awnings stand out for their aesthetic design and efficient solar protection, reflecting our commitment to quality and innovation in every detail.

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The best Balcony Awning systems in Llaza

At Llaza, we are proud to offer you the best balcony awning systems that adapt perfectly to your needs. Our products combine innovative design, functionality and durability, providing effective protection against the sun and improving the aesthetic appearance of your balcony. 

With a wide range of options, from vertical awnings to custom solutions, you'll be able to find the ideal system to fit your style and preferences. 

In addition, our attention to detail and quality of our materials They guarantee that you will get a high quality product that will give you years of enjoyment. Trust LLAZA to transform your balcony into a comfortable and elegant space with our exceptional awning systems.

Storbox SQ-400

The STORBOX SQ-400 box awning from LLAZA, with its totally metallic finishes, provides the elegance of the affinity of color and texture. With motorized drive, it adapts to front and ceiling installations, offering a wide range of inclination.


STORBOX S-300 is always connected to you, it is a practical and functional awning, with benefits that convince both installers and users themselves.


Awning with box system that is presented as a light model, easy to install and of great beauty. Thanks to its self-protection capacity, the maintenance of the awning becomes unnecessary and its durability is considerably increased.


The vertical solution of high adaptability and elegance with Concealed Guidance in the KLAIS 110-ZIP, with Windbreaks in the KLAIS 110-G and with Visible Guidance in the KLAIS 110-CV.


Self-protected awning with a structure that makes it ideal for installing on windows.


ART 250 awning with invisible arms specially designed to be installed on small and medium-sized balconies. The small supports that it incorporates and its careful design, which follows the aesthetic line of the ART range, give this awning a very refined finish.


Awning from the invisible arms range that incorporates the Monobloc system, a self-supporting square bar that allows the awning to cover large lines in a simple and effective way.


Awning from the invisible arms range designed to cover large surfaces. With an exit of 5 meters, this awning is capable of covering up to 60 m2 without the need to use pillars or other obstacles.


Balcony awning with a railing attachment with a simple mechanism that allows a wide range of opening positions.


Awning with frontal folding of the arms and with a tension system that improves the traditional Straight Point installations, allowing it to better withstand the wind without deformation. Its most outstanding feature is the technology of its arms, which provides technical and aesthetic advantages to the system, such as preventing erosion of the lacquer, increasing the useful life of the awning, etc.

Advantages of buying an awning in LLAZA

In the world of sun protection there is a name that has stood out for more than six decades: Llaza World. This prestigious brand, known worldwide, has dedicated itself to designing and manufacturing sun protection systems of the highest quality, providing exceptional solutions for all types of needs.

Wide range of products

Llaza is proud to offer an incredibly extensive range of products that meets all your sun protection needs. Whether you are looking for an awning for your home, business or architectural project, Llaza has the perfect solution for you. From stylish retractable awnings to modern pergola systems, the variety of options is impressive.


One of the notable milestones in Llaza's history is the invention of the world's first box awning, the historic Storbox 300. This innovative design allowed the awning canvas to remain protected from inclement weather, which has had a significant impact in prolonging the useful life of these sun protection systems. 

Commitment to Quality

Llaza stands out for its solid commitment to quality in sun protection systems. Its focus on providing high-quality products and services has earned the trust of customers around the world. When you choose Llaza, you choose excellence in sun protection backed by years of experience. Trust Llaza for the quality you deserve.

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From our blog we offer you expert advice on balcony awnings, including vertical options. With a focus on quality and style, our articles will guide you to find the ideal awning that fits your needs and elevates the look of your balcony, combining functionality and elegance in your outer space

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Save energy with our balcony awnings

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. Balcony awnings are ideal for sifting solar energy and take advantage of its benefits as it suits us. The energy savings achieved with the installation of awnings is very evident. In summer we save on air conditioning, since it blocks the entry of heat, it also protects our skin, our pets and of course it protects furniture, interior curtains, etc.

Invisible arm awnings, straight point arm awnings, stor awnings, or vertical awnings are an infallible screen that regulates the transmission of heat from the outside to the inside and can also help mitigate the cold that penetrates in the colder months. cold Installing awnings on our balconies will always be a great success.

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      Frequently asked questions about balcony awnings

      • What are the advantages of using vertical awnings for balconies?

        Firstly, vertical awnings provide a effective protection against direct solar radiation, helping to maintain a pleasant temperature inside the balcony and preventing overheating. Furthermore, vertical awnings provide privacy by creating a more intimate and protected space.  Another advantage is its versatility, since they allow you to regulate the entry of light and ventilation according to your preferences. Also They help reduce the penetration of dust and dirt, keeping your balcony cleaner and free of external elements. Finally, vertical awnings for balconies They add an aesthetic and decorative element, improving the overall appearance of the outdoor space. In short, vertical awnings are an excellent option to maximize comfort, privacy and aesthetics on your balcony.
      • Which balcony awning systems offer greater durability and resistance?

        At LLAZA, we offer balcony awning systems that stand out for their exceptional durability and resistance. Our awnings are Manufactured with high quality materials and subject to rigorous manufacturing standards to ensure its robustness and longevity.  In particular, our vertical balcony awnings are designed with fabrics UV resistant, which prevent discoloration and premature deterioration. In addition, we have drive systems and solid structures, capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions and providing long-lasting protection. Thanks to our experience and commitment to excellence, our balcony awning systems provide a long-term investment, ensuring that you enjoy their benefits for many years.
      • Can I automate my balcony awnings for greater convenience?

        At Llaza we offer the possibility of automating your balcony awnings to provide you with greater comfort and convenience. Our automation systems allow you control your awnings in a simple and efficient way, whether through remote controls, switches or even through mobile devices. With this technology, you can adjust the opening and closing of your awnings with just the touch of a button, adapting them to your needs and the climate at all times.  Automation not only adds convenience, but also helps protect your awnings by preventing incorrect or excessive use. Enjoy the practicality and sophistication of automating your balcony awnings, giving you complete control over your outdoor space.
      • What maintenance do vertical balcony awnings require and what is their estimated useful life?

        From LLAZA, we recommend regularly clean awnings with mild soap and water, avoiding the use of aggressive chemicals. Furthermore, it is important periodically check the mechanisms and components of the awning to make sure they are in good condition and make any necessary adjustments or repairs.  As for the Its estimated useful life, this may vary depending on various factors, such as the quality of the material, weather conditions and the care given to the awning. However, with proper maintenance, vertical balcony awnings made of durable and resistant materials can have a useful life of several years, providing you with protection and comfort for a long time.

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      If you want to know the price of balcony awnings, we will be happy to provide you with a personalized estimate tailored to your needs. Contact our experts

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