LLAZA celebrates its 60th anniversary at the R+T in Stuttgart

On February 20, the LLAZA brand had the honor of commemorating six decades of innovation, quality and commitment at the company's stand at the prestigious R+T fair in Stuttgart. It was a magical night full of emotions, where we shared this milestone with a multitude of friends, clients and suppliers who have accompanied us throughout this exciting journey.

The party was an unforgettable gathering that brought together people from different corners of the world, united by the spirit of excellence and dedication that defines LLAZA.

During the party, attendees had the pleasure of tasting German, Italian and Spanish cuisine. The Italian cuisine showcooking was undoubtedly one of the highlights, where authentic flavors and passion for gastronomy merged in each dish.

In addition to delighting our palates, the evening was impregnated with art and music. The talented Argentine artist Alanizart I create a unique and special work on a large canvas. The experience of seeing a work of this type created is already an experience, yes, even more so if this same work will be exhibited at the company's facilities in Alcover. It is a memory that will last us for many years. Live music created the perfect atmosphere to celebrate, while specialty drinks, made with internationally award-winning local spirits, added a touch of class to the night.

We want to express our most sincere gratitude to everyone who joined in this very special celebration. Your presence made this event unforgettable and reminded us of the value of the community we have built together. This year 2024 will be a year of continuous celebration, where we will continue to honor our legacy and look to the future with enthusiasm and determination.

Thank you for being part of our history, for believing in our project and for inspiring us to continue innovating and growing. Together, we build the path to the next 60 years of success and prosperity!


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