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Our horizontal awnings are designed to blend seamlessly into a wide variety of spaces. At Llaza, we have a range that includes everything from horizontal roll-up awnings to retractable and outdoor versions, ideal for terraces and open areas. Each awning combines innovative design with maximum functionality, offering solutions with side guides or cable guidance, for effective sun protection and a unique touch of sophistication.

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At LLAZA we offer you a wide selection of horizontal awnings High quality and design to adapt to your needs. Whether it is a horizontal roll-up, retractable awning or with side guides, we offer you durable and functional solutions that will transform your terrace, garden or balcony into a cozy and versatile place. 

Storbox SQ-400

The STORBOX SQ-400 box awning from LLAZA, with its totally metallic finishes, provides the elegance of the affinity of color and texture. With motorized drive, it adapts to front and ceiling installations, offering a wide range of inclination.

Splenbox-400 Sombrex

Awning with invisible arms with optimal proportions and soft shapes design. Aesthetics and high-end technology with the possibility of lighting the arms. Its design and technology offer the perfect balance between efficiency, robustness, lightness and elegance. Its metallic conception allows an integral color finish and gives it an impeccable appearance of high aesthetic value and great quality.


The aesthetics of the KÜADBOX-400 chest make it perfect for integrating into facades thanks to its stylized structure and straight-line design. It fits with minimalist styles, while offering advanced technical features to obtain great lines by incorporating more sets of arms.


Since 1993 the STORBOX chest awning has been evolving to set new trends. STORBOX-400 revolutionizes the range with its aesthetic full of strength and dynamism; with its greater projection capacity up to 4 meters and with the incorporation of lighting in arms and front profile. Its tilt adjustment system, with the awning closed, is fast and precise to guarantee an impeccable result. Motorized or manual, STORBOX acquires a new impetus to continue being the pioneer and top-mind of box awnings.

Modulbox-400 Sombrex

The MODULBOX-400 system allows SOMBREX to be incorporated into all configuration options. This roll-up apron optimizes the performance of the product as it provides greater sun protection even when the sun's position is low on the horizon. Another advantage of incorporating a SOMBREX is the gain of privacy to more fully enjoy the outdoor space.


MODULBOX-400 is a range of awnings with a monobloc system designed to achieve maximum dimensions with a compact and attractive configuration. Using the same basic pieces, progressive solutions are obtained: Full Box, Semi Box and Semi Open.


STORBOX S-300 is always connected to you, it is a practical and functional awning, with benefits that convince both installers and users themselves.

Maticbox S-350

Contemporary architecture, with its straight and lively forms, represents a challenge for the integration of façade elements. The Maticbox 350 cassette is specially designed with the needs of prescription professionals in mind.


MOONBOX-400 is a box that inspires sensations. Its combination of materials and oblique and rounded shapes gives it a Zen, different and daring air. With only one set of arms it covers spaces of up to 6,00 m. line x 4,00 m. exit.


Awning with box system that is presented as a light model, easy to install and of great beauty. Thanks to its self-protection capacity, the maintenance of the awning becomes unnecessary and its durability is considerably increased.

Advantages of buying an awning in LLAZA

In the world of sun protection there is a name that has stood out for more than six decades: Llaza World. This prestigious brand, known worldwide, has dedicated itself to designing and manufacturing sun protection systems of the highest quality, providing exceptional solutions for all types of needs.

Wide range of products

Llaza is proud to offer an incredibly extensive range of products that meets all your sun protection needs. Whether you are looking for an awning for your home, business or architectural project, Llaza has the perfect solution for you. From stylish retractable awnings to modern pergola systems, the variety of options is impressive.


One of the notable milestones in Llaza's history is the invention of the world's first box awning, the historic Storbox 300. This innovative design allowed the awning canvas to remain protected from inclement weather, which has had a significant impact in prolonging the useful life of these sun protection systems. 

Commitment to Quality

Llaza stands out for its solid commitment to quality in sun protection systems. Its focus on providing high-quality products and services has earned the trust of customers around the world. When you choose Llaza, you choose excellence in sun protection backed by years of experience. Trust Llaza for the quality you deserve.

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At LLAZA, we understand the importance of combining sun protection, style and durability in one product. Let us advise you and Discover how exterior horizontal awnings can transform your outdoor area into a comfortable and welcoming place.

Explore our blog, where We share valuable tips and recommendations about horizontal awnings most suitable according to your needs and preferences. From high-quality materials to modern and functional designs, we will help you find the horizontal awning with side guides or cable guide that perfectly fits your outdoor space.

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Horizontal awnings for terraces, gardens and balconies

Horizontal awnings have become the preferred choice to provide comfort and protection on terraces, gardens and balconies. These awnings offer a versatile and aesthetically attractive solution, which combines perfectly with any outdoor environment. 

Thanks to its innovative and functional design, Horizontal awnings allow you to control the amount of shade and light desired, adapting to individual needs and preferences. Besides, his strong and durable structure It guarantees effective protection against sun rays, occasional rain and other weather elements. Horizontal awnings are the ideal option to create cozy spaces and enjoy outdoor life to the fullest.

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      Frequently asked questions about horizontal awnings

      • What is the difference between a horizontal roll-up awning and a horizontal retractable awning?

        The difference between a horizontal roll-up awning and a horizontal retractable awningmainly dedicated to its operation and design.   Un horizontal roll-up awning It is characterized by having a rolling system where the awning fabric is collected vertically on a tube or shaft. This type of awning offers the possibility of deploying and collecting the canvas manually or through a motorized system, providing flexibility and allowing the extension of the awning to be adjusted according to the required shade or light needs. On the other hand, A retractable horizontal awning is distinguished by its ability to slide back and forth on a rail or guide installed on the structure. This type of awning deploys and retracts horizontally, offering versatility in terms of the desired coverage. Like the roller awning, it can be operated manually or through a motorized system.
      • What advantages do horizontal terrace awnings offer compared to other types of awnings?

        Horizontal awnings for terraces They stand out for their efficient and uniform coverage, providing effective shade and protection from direct sunlight. His adjustment flexibility It allows you to adapt the extension of the awning according to the needs of shade and light, providing versatility and comfort.  These awnings they integrate aesthetically with the terrace and offer customization options in terms of colors and finishes. Besides, offer protection against other weather elements like the occasional rain. Its manufacture with high quality materials ensures durability and resistance, making them a reliable and durable option to fully enjoy outdoor spaces.
      • Is it possible to motorize a horizontal retractable awning?

        Yes, it is perfectly possible to motorize a retractable horizontal awning. The motorization of retractable horizontal awnings provides comfort and ease of use, allowing the awning to be deployed and retracted with just the push of a button. This option offers more precise and convenient control, especially on larger awnings.  motorization It also allows the retractable awning to be integrated with automation and home automation systems, providing the possibility of programming automatic opening and closing times, as well as integration with climate sensors to protect the awning in case of strong winds or rain. The motorization of retractable horizontal awnings adds an additional level of comfort and functionality to outdoor spaces.
      • What is the maintenance required for exterior horizontal awnings?

        • regular cleaning: of the canvas or awning fabric, using a soft brush and soapy water. It is important to avoid using harsh chemicals that can damage the canvas.
        • Remove dirt and leaves: accumulated on the awning, as they can obstruct the opening and closing mechanisms.
        • Component Review: Periodically check the extendable arms, guides or cables to detect possible wear or breakdowns and repair or replace them if necessary.
        • Protection in adverse weather conditions: During strong storms or high winds, it is recommended to retract the awning to avoid possible damage. Some horizontal awnings offer automatic high wind detection systems to retract automatically.
        • Motorized system maintenance: If you have a motorized horizontal awning, you must perform periodic checks on the motor and ensure that the controls and automation systems work correctly.

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      I want a personalized quote

      If you want to know the price of horizontal awnings, we will be happy to provide you with a personalized estimate tailored to your needs. Contact our experts.

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