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LLAZA is a brand dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of quality sun protection systems and accessories. Its activity focuses on outdoor sun protection.

The brand was created in Reus in 1964 and currently markets its products in More than 70 countries. His long career and his presence in the international market They are proof of LLAZA's leadership in the sun protection sector. A leadership that manifests itself in three main lines: innovation, quality and market development. 

The LLAZA brand is owned by the company LLAZA WORLD, SA

Its headquarters has more than 26.000m2 built and constitutes a true technological center for Solar Protection, focused on R&D&I, a leader in logistics organization and committed to the use of renewable energy and preservation of the environment.

Llaza has a extensive range of sun protection products, exclusive systems that are designed and manufactured following the latest technologies and demanding European quality standards. A wide portfolio of products to provide appropriate solutions for each need.

The story of Llaza


TALLERES LLAZA is born, the first company dedicated to the manufacture of mechanisms for awnings in Spain. 


Development of the first awning model with Invisible Arms. 


Talleres LLAZA moves to the Reus factory with 2.500 m2.


The Technical Office, Quality and Export departments are consolidated. 


Talleres LLAZA becomes LLAZA, SA and is established as a public limited company. 


Strong international growth with the consolidation of distributors in the main countries to which it exports. The LLAZAFRANCE subsidiary is founded.


LLAZA launches the first boxed awning on the market: the STORBOX. 


LLAZA creates the new system of internal tape tension for invisible arms: the ART SYSTEM. 


Commercial Collaboration Plans with strategically key clients are started: LLAZABROKERS, LLAZAPLUS and LLAZAPARTNERS. 


It incorporates the roll-up vertical sun protection range: LLAZASCREEN. 


LLAZA is the first company in the sun protection sector to carry out a large-scale TV campaign. 


LLAZA presents at the R+T in Stuttgart the new and innovative range of WIN awnings that leave the tension system hidden. 


Work begins on the new LLAZA factory in the 50.000 m2 of Alcover. 


At the R+T in Stuttgart, the DUOX double awning, the new VERASTOR and the MAXISCREEN vertical systems are presented. 


Transfer and start-up of the new Solar Protection Technological Center of LLAZA in Alcover.


Launch at R+T in Stuttgart of eight new awning models incorporating the innovative SPLENDOR and MATIC technologies. 


December. The company LLAZA WORLD, SA purchases the production unit of LLAZA, SA and also the LLAZA brand, with all its assets. 


The LLAZA brand reaffirms itself as one of the main international players in the manufacture of quality awning accessories. 


LLAZA innovates with the ONYX range and the appearance of the ONYX-LUX arm. The only one on the market without visible cables in the elbow. Greater safety and impeccable aesthetics. 


Participation in the R+T Stuttgart competition with the ONY-LUX arm selected for the innovation awards. 

HABITAT LLAZA is born, a new division that helps professionals in the projects of pergolas and structures for the outdoor space.


The company LLAZA WORLD SA develops a new concept of vertical awnings, the KLAIS 110. Designed to offer multiple solutions. A single model with several guiding options: 3,5 mm ZIP guide, Rod, Cable and wide 120 mm windbreak guide. 


HABITAT LLAZA is consolidated, a selection of products with different applications that respond to the needs of the outdoor spaces of homes or commercial buildings: BIOCLIMATIC PERGOLAS, TENSIONED PERGOLAS, VERANDAS, GLASS ROOF, GLASS ENCLOSURES, VERTICAL AWNINGS.


The edition of VETECO in November 2022 acts as a launching platform for the new STORBOX S-300 box, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the creation of the first box awning in the world, the STORBOX-300. Presentation of the new ATIKA tensioned pergola manufactured by LLAZA. 


The LLAZA brand celebrates its 60th anniversary 

To be the technological reference industrial company worldwide for solar protection projects.

Integrate an efficient business model with our customers and suppliers that provides the best solutions in awning systems. 

  • Creativity
  • Sustainability
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • International vocation


Certified quality

The sun protection systems developed by Llaza meet demanding quality requirements.

All Llaza models are designed following the length, strength and resistance guidelines set by the European Union. Its manufacturing is carried out so that the installer can carry out the rest of the steps and can mark the awning with the CE mark that certifies compliance with the European Standard EN13561:2015.

Manufacturing guarantee

LLAZA WORLD, SA establishes a total guarantee for its products for a period of 2 years, counting from the date of installation or 30 months from the date of manufacture printed on its products. Lacquered coatings have a 3-year guarantee.

Experience and Internationality

The 50 years designing and manufacturing systems for awnings provide LLAZA with high levels of specialization, rigor and knowledge in the more than 70 countries in which our systems are installed.

Technology and Innovation (R&D)

The combination of experience, wisdom, rigor, professionalism, freshness and dynamism makes the LLAZA engineering team unique. This team stands out for its capacity for innovation, its imprint on design and its intuition for functional success.

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