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Our range of veranda awnings are an elegant and practical solution for your outdoor space. We have motorized awnings and manual options, all designed to suit different styles and needs. Models like the Verastor-Sky offer protection and comfort without giving up a refined aesthetic. 

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In our wide selection of awnings with veranda system, you will find the perfect option to protect and beautify your outdoor space. LLAZA veranda system awnings are Designed with high quality materials and advanced technology to provide you with durability, resistance and functionality. 

Whether you are looking for a motorized or manual awning, waterproof and adaptable to different structures, we are here to help you choose the best awning with a veranda system that fits your needs and style. Discover the perfect combination of comfort and style with our superior quality veranda awnings.

Advantages of buying an awning in LLAZA

In the world of sun protection there is a name that has stood out for more than six decades: Llaza World. This prestigious brand, known worldwide, has dedicated itself to designing and manufacturing sun protection systems of the highest quality, providing exceptional solutions for all types of needs.

Wide range of products

Llaza is proud to offer an incredibly extensive range of products that meets all your sun protection needs. Whether you are looking for an awning for your home, business or architectural project, Llaza has the perfect solution for you. From stylish retractable awnings to modern pergola systems, the variety of options is impressive.


One of the notable milestones in Llaza's history is the invention of the world's first box awning, the historic Storbox 300. This innovative design allowed the awning canvas to remain protected from inclement weather, which has had a significant impact in prolonging the useful life of these sun protection systems. 

Commitment to Quality

Llaza stands out for its solid commitment to quality in sun protection systems. Its focus on providing high-quality products and services has earned the trust of customers around the world. When you choose Llaza, you choose excellence in sun protection backed by years of experience. Trust Llaza for the quality you deserve.

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Explore our articles and advice on the different models of veranda awnings, its characteristics, advantages and important considerations to take into account. Trust our experience and knowledge to make an informed decision and find the ideal veranda awning that will provide protection, style and functionality in your outdoor area.

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Veranda awnings to protect you from the sun

LLAZA veranda awnings are specially designed to protect you from the sun in your outdoor space. With a wide range of options available, you will be able to find the ideal veranda awning to suit your shade and style needs. Whether you want to enjoy a cool and sheltered space on your terrace or garden, our veranda awnings offer you the necessary protection against UV rays and the intense heat of the sun

In addition, its strong and durable design ensures a long useful life, so you can enjoy effective and long-lasting protection. Choose our veranda awnings and create an oasis of shade and comfort in your outdoor area.

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      Frequently asked questions about extendable awnings

      • What is a veranda awning and what is its main function?

        A veranda awning is a type of awning Specially designed for use in veranda structures or sunrooms. Its main function is provide protection against direct solar radiation, control light entry and regulate interior temperature. Veranda awnings create a more comfortable environment by offering shade, reducing glare and blocking UV rays.  In addition to their practical function, veranda awnings can also improve the aesthetic appearance of the structure and provide privacy. They are available in different styles, sizes and materials, which allows them to be adapted to the needs and preferences of each user.
      • What features does a motorized verandah awning have and how does it work?

        A motorized verandah awning features several features that make it convenient and easy to use. This Equipped with a motor system that allows it to open and close automatic with the push of a button. In addition, it usually has a remote control for greater convenience. This type of veranda awning may include integrated sensors that detect the intensity of wind and sunlight, allowing automation according to weather conditions.  The operation of the motorized awning is based on an electric motor system that drives the extendable arms and deploys or collects the awning fabric in a smooth and controlled manner. This feature facilitates handling and allows the veranda awning to be adjusted precisely and quickly, providing comfort and versatility to the user.
      • What is the installation system for the veranda awning and can it be adapted to different structures?

        The verandah awning installation system is usually versatile and adaptable to different structures. One of the common systems is mounting using lateral guides., where the guides are fixed to the structure of the veranda and allow the awning to slide smoothly and safely. 

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      I want a personalized quote

      If you want to know the veranda awnings price, we will be happy to provide you with a personalized estimate tailored to your needs. Contact our experts.

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