LLAZA Technical Office is responsible for the constant development of new and better products, efficient solutions in the field of sun protection that stand out for innovation in design and functionality. LLAZA specialized engineers continuously research new and different products. This commitment requires the most rigorous training in three critical areas of the technical office that affects the entire production process: Design and research, Quality and Engineering.

The main contributions of the LLAZA Technical Office are:

  • Provide value-added products
  • Provide differentiation
  • Provide innovative products
  • Provide products protected by patents
  • Provide products that meet the highest industrial efficiency at all stages of the process

LLAZA Technical Office is composed of experienced and professional engineers specialized in sun protection. This team works using the latest technological advances and equipments.

LLAZA provides unique solutions and differentiation

LAZA Technical Office has a team of engineers specialized in sun protection. They are responsible for creating and developing new and better products, providing its own unique solutions and differentiation in the field of sun protection

The process of developing new products

LLAZA possesses one of the best technical offices in the world where engineers are specialized in sun protection.

International patents

LLAZA today owns over 70 patents and 15 European utility models. This is the result of its great task of innovation and new product development, such as the inner transmission systems for the ART and WIN- SPLENDOR arms, or various components for the fixing of the awnings.