Llaza Engineering is a professional service of high added value for companies requiring the development of specific models for special solutions for sun protection. Llaza Engineering is much more than machines and technology, much more than a team of qualified professionals and more than a production centre of 26,000 m2.

Llaza Engineering means to count on the leading company for full or partial development of solutions and products for sun protection.

LLAZA Enginnering offers

  • Collaboration with a company that specializes in quality outdoor sun protection
  • Wide technical knowledge of the product
  • Over 45 years of experience
  • Safety; more than 1,250,000 manufactured arms
  • Innovation: more than 70 international patents
  • High Technology Centre that allows the integration of all production processes
  • A team of experienced and creative specialized engineers
  • Last generation Technology and technical equipment
  • High quality, design and a complete portfolio of products (LLAZA can manufacture all components for the different awnings systems)

LLAZA Enginnering brings you

  • Differentiation: specific product, customized or taylor-made
  • Competitiveness: fast adaptation to market
  • Differentiation: specific product, customized or even exclusive
  • Security: collaboration with the leader