LLAZA develops its products using an integrated manufacturing process which allows to monitor all stages and this ensure the highest levels of quality. A quality which is demonstrated right from the very raw materials and components. In addition, Llaza uses the most advanced technology throughout the production process, from the latest generation of electric ovens for casting aluminium to an automated assembly system and a numbered quality control register. To all this is added fulfilment of demanding international quality standards.

The Llaza manufacturing process (workflow) is summarized in the following phases

  1. Incoming warehouse
  2. Casting of the aluminium in electric ovens
  3. Gravity or injection moulding of parts
  4. Stabilization of parts at room temperature
  5. Cast cutting, deburring and polishing operations
  6. Putting parts into the surface treatment system where the coating is applied
  7. Final assembly where different products are put together (supports, arms, gearboxes, etc)
  8. Storage in the warehouse and shipment of goods.

The integration of the entire process of production in a single site reduces production times and improves responsiveness to customer orders.