We can't wait to restart this contest! Looking at the images we can say that the wait has certainly been worth it. In just one week you have sent us countless facilities that have left us speechless, even if you can't see it 😷
These facilities smell of summer and form idyllic spaces to enjoy the home in communication with nature. They are models that seek integration with the environment... All these characteristics are reflected in the images that you have shared on social networks and that participate in this month's #tufotollaza contest.
Didn't you arrive on time? Well, we are going to give this first edition of 2020 a couple of more days. You will be able to continue including photos during this weekend.
On Monday, July 3, we will see them all and announce the winning image of this month's #tufotollaza edition.

Tonislar awnings

Lola awnings

Awnings Gonzalez

Rodrisol awnings




Tendals Egara

Climalux awnings

Ciria awnings

Berges Awnings

Awnings on the side