Certified Quality

All solar protection systems developed by LLAZA comply with rigorous quality requirements.

All LLAZA models are designed in accordance with the directives for length, strength and resistance stipulated by the European Union. They are manufactured so that once all of the steps for installation have been completed they are ready to receive the CE marking indicating compliance with European Norm UNE-EN 13561:2015


A pioneer and leader in Spain, LLAZA has been in business as a manufacturer in the sun protection sector at the global level since 1964.

LLAZA’s profile in the world is shown by the brand’s presence in over 70 countries.

Technology and Innovation (R+D)

A combination of experience, know-how, rigour, professionalism, originality and dynamism is what makes unique the LLAZA engineers team, standing out for their innovation, their design style and their intuition when it comes to practical solutions that work.

Manufacturing warranty

LLAZA WORLD, S.A. guarantees all the article described in this catalogue for a period of two years from the date of their installation or 30 months from the printed manufacturing date. Coated articles have a 3 years warranty against corrosion.