Entrepreneurial spirit since 1964

LLAZA is a family business with over 45 years of history. Here are the main milestones of the company:

1964: TALLERES LLAZA was founded, the first company in Spain devoted to manufacturing awning mechanisms.

1972: First awning model with retractable arms.

1973: Talleres LLAZA moved to its Reus factory with 2,500 m2 of floor space.

1978: The technical office, quality and export departments were consolidated.

1988: Talleres LLAZA became LLAZA, S.A. and was incorporated as a public limited company.

1990: Strong international growth with the consolidation of distributors in the main countries to which LLAZA exported. The LLAZAFRANCE subsidiary was set up.

1993: LLAZA launched the first cassette awning on the market: STORBOX.

1996: LLAZA created the new internal tape tensioning system for retractable arms: ART SYSTEM.

2001: Commercial cooperation plans were established with key strategic customers: LLAZABROKERS, LLAZAPLUS and LLAZAPARTNERS.

2003: Rollable vertical sun protection range added to the product portfolio: LLAZASCREEN.

2005: LLAZA was the first company in the sun protection sector to run a large-scale TV advertising campaign.

2006: LLAZA presented the ground-breaking new WIN awning range with a concealed tensioning system at the R+T fair in Stuttgart.

2007: Building work began on the new LLAZA factory in Alcover, with 50,000 m2 of floor space.

2009: The DUOX double awning, the new VERASTOR and the MAXISCREEN vertical systems were presented at R+T in Stuttgart.

2009: Move and start-up of the new LLAZA sun protection technology centre in Alcover.

2012: Eight new awning models featuring ground-breaking SPLENDOR and MATIC technology launched at R+T in Stuttgart.

2013: December. The company LLAZA WORLD, S.A. buys LLAZA S.A. and also the LLAZA brand, with all its assets.

2014: The LLAZA brand is reaffirmed as one of the leading players worldwide in the manufacturing of accessories for  quality  awnings.

2015: The company LLAZA WORLD S.A. launches the innovative Bip Screen 500 and the Win-Style cassette.  The company continues  consolidating its growing position in the market.

2016: LLAZA WORLD S.A. launches the  Bip Screen 300.  The company continues developping  innovative new projects that will be introduced this year in its product port-folio.

The beginnings of the LLAZA  brand  back to the year 1964, 50 years of history, when its founders set up in the city of Reus the first Spanish company dedicated to the design and manufacture of systems for awnings.

Their dynamism was essential for the rapid acceptance of a range of products that satisfied a growing demand for specific components for awnings. The good performance of the product and a strong impetus were key factors in corssing borders and LLAZA soon reached a major international recognition. The company grew and  moved to Alcover in 2009.

In late 2013, the production unit and brand LLAZA were acquired by the Group Recasens.

In January 2014 the company LLAZA WORLD, SA is founded and consolidates the LLAZA brand in the domestic market. LLAZA also been able to continue its international expansion.

Despite the changes, the essence of the LLAZA brand remains loyal to its values ​​and closer to its customers and partners.