Technical solar protection

The LLAZA-SCREEN range is a solar protection system for interior or exterior use which helps to effectively control lighting. This solution combines cutting-edge design with enhanced functionality, opening up the interior space to the exterior while preserving intimacy and privacy inside the building.

These screens represent a great contribution to the world of interior de-sign, decoration and the creation of visua-lly comfortable environments. They also actively contribute to energy savings − by reducing heat transmitted from the exterior, air-conditioning energy consumption is also reduced. The screens provide protection from harmful ultra-violet radiation.

Important features

Sistema que controla y filtra la entrada de la luz evitando molestos reflejos y contrastes lumínicos entre el interior y el exterior de los edificios

Interior spaces can be opened up visually to the exterior. on the other hand, if you are looking for privacy this protection system allows you to see outside without being seen from outside.

Combines functionality and decoration in a cutting-edge product which can be used to enhance any type of building.

Technical profils

Technical fabric is a special, cutting-edge material made with of a membrane of polyester and pVc or fibreglass and pVc. its great flexibility makes it very resistant to the passage of time and its texture facilitates cleaning and maintenance.

Technical fabrics are available in different colours to adapt to the architectural settings in which they are installed as well as to lighting and light filtering needs. They can also be given a flame-retarding treatment for compliance with current construction regulations..

Models belonging to this product range

Toldos verticales KLAIS 100


3 vertical textile systems with straight lines of the box

The highly adaptable and elegant vertical solution with Hidden Guiding at KLAIS 110-ZIP, with Windbreaker at KLAIS 110-G and with Visible Guiding at KLAIS 110-CV.



The zip system that brings together great advantages

The demands of modern architecture, have extended the use of vertical awnings to the protection of façades from sun light or from other weather conditions, such as wind or rain. Guided vertical awnings for external installation require systems that en […]



Protection for large spaces

The Maxiscreen model is a shade designed to cover large windows of up to 5 x 5 metres. It is meant for exterior use and operates with a cable or rod guide system, but can also be used indoors. Interior installations can also be used without a guide sy […]


Maxiscreen Box

The cassette shade for exterior protection

The Maxiscreenbox model is a cassette shade which can act as a solar protector, a screen or a blind. Ideal for large spaces, it can reach dimensions of up to 5 x 5 metres using special fabric and a motorised operating mechanism. The system uses a cabl […]

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