PergoHabitat: Living space all year round

Open, so are the personalized spaces that we can get with PergoHabitat. This range of pergotents are open areas in concept and in connection to the outside environment the we want to enjoy.

Apart from providing shade in the summer, PergoHabitat brings benefits throughout the year. With this wide range of pergolas, we can enjoy the sunshine, later on, at the end of the day, we can open the roof to have planetary views to a starry night.

Inspired by multicultural tradition, the pergolas are still spaces of refuge, of people connection. They are integrative and positive areas that beautify our outdoor experience.

Reliability, resistance, design, modularity, consort, inspiration, well-being, protection: there are many reasons that justify the wide expansion of Palmiye pergolas. Through LLAZA, PergoHabitat maximize its benefits bringing them accessible to users.

PergoHabitat is the range of Palmiye pergolas that LLAZA markets internationally inside a company alliance that brings together the strengths of two leading brands.

Models belonging to this product range


Simple y elegant

Simple and elegant, with its clean lines and modern design, Silver is an unobtrusive yet stylish way to get the best out of your outdoor area, distinguishing itself from other establishments in the neighbourhood.



The perfect place to accommodate your important guests

Specially designed to accommodate a large number of people, this stylish construction provides the perfect setting to entertain your guests. Spacious and stylish, Gala is the ultimate outdoor experience.



Overlooking a limitless horizion

Panorama is remarkable in that it has no front support at all, thus allowing you to enjoy unbroken views. Straight in design, Panorama is an unobtrusive way to enjoy the world in which you live.



Pure nautical style

This elegant product is free standing and is a stylish way to enlarge your outdoor living space. The eye-catching nautical design creates a welcoming atmosphere and ensures that you make the best out of your area.



The fusion of interior and exterior space

The epitome of relaxation, with its clean lines and modern design Trump will protect, enhance and soothe at the same time. Be at one with nature, and experience the therapy of the great outdoors, throughout the year.



A touch of luxury in the garden

Delightfully male in appearance, this chiselled design provides ultimate garden luxury. With its angular details and strong features, Pavilion is perfect for getting the most out of your outdoor living area throughout the year.

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