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At LLAZA we have sun protection solutions for almost everything. Whatever your terrace, your balcony or the window, we will surely find a way to protect all the space. We will enjoy the best shade, we will avoid glare with the SOMBREX roll-up skirt.

We will protect our classic awning or monobloc awning by covering it with the GALAXIA ROOF. Until that small space where it seemed that we could not install a solar protection, that is where we see the usefulness of an installation with CROSSED ARMS.

Our awning installer clients always advise on the best sun protection solution for each need. They are expert professionals who provide their advice on the different models of LLAZA awnings.

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More sun protection for greater comfort

Sombrex System is an adjustable skirt that will protect your home from the sun's rays when the sun is low on the horizon (early in the morning and late in the afternoon).

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Crossed Arms Kit

The same line with much more output

The ART Arms Crossed Kit is designed to complement installations that, due to their location, see output limited by the length of the available line.

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Galaxy weather cover

Protective instinct

The Galaxia awning contributes to the protection of any installation in the ART and BASIC range, since it covers the awning when it is folded up.

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