An icon of classic style

LLAZA-ART is synonymous with classic styling. The solar protection sys-tems in this range follow traditional concepts giving them a balanced and well-proportioned design.

The LLAZA-ART range features a wide variety of products and sizes to adapt to any space or situation. And if you are looking for a solar protec-tion system of large proportions, the ART range offers Monobloc supports which allow the use of multiple arms, simply and effectively.

The versatility of LLAZA-ART systems means that most units in the range can be used with different accessories to increase their functionality.

Important features

The wide variety of models in this range provides an answer for every situation.

Units can be complimented with vertical screens (Sombrex-System) or weather covers (Galaxia) to protect the awning.o.

Tension transmission system LLAZA-ART SYSTEM

The LLAZA-ART range benefits from the strength and resistance of the internal ten-sioning of the LLAZA-ART SYSTEM, based on a joint that uses flat and flexible belt to optimise the transmission of tension, extending the lifetime of the awning.

The LLAZA-ART SYSTEM offers significant technical and aesthetic advantages for any situation, as it helps to prevent deterioration and scratches on the lacquer and provides a better finish.

Manufactured for CE certification

LLAZA-ART has been designed and manufactured in accordance with the directives for length, strength, resistance and safety stipulated by European norm unE-En 13561:2004 + A1:2009..

Models belonging to this product range

Art Monobloc 500

The perfect awning for large terraces

This is an invisible arm range awning designed to cover large areas. With a projection of 5 metres this awning can cover up to 60 m2 without the need for pillars or other obstacles.

Banner Modulbox-400 Open

Modulbox-400 Open

Progressive solutions

MODULBOX-400 Open is an awning with a monobloc system designed to achieve maximum dimensions with a compact and attractive configuration. Other additional possibilities are proposed: Manual pitch control, Balcony installation, Crossed arms and Roller tube in frontal position (SCDV).


Art Monobloc 350

Simplicity and style

This is an awning from the invisible arm range featuring the Monobloc system, a self-bearing square bar which enables the awning to cover large areas simply and effectively.

Carrousel Arond-350


Strength and adaptability for intensive use

AROND-350 is a classic style awning featuring an elegant design and great performance. Combined with the ONYX-400 arms, it helps turn terraces into protected spaces that can be enjoyed du- ring the day and also at night when using the arms version with LED lighting.


Art 250

The ideal awning for facades

This awning features invisible ART 250 arms designed especially for installation on small and medium-sized balconies. Its small brackets and meticulous design, which is in keeping with the aesthetic of the ART RANGE, give this awning a very refined finish […]


Accessory – Sombrex-System

More solar protection for greater comfort

The Sombrex System is a large adjustable skirt which protects your home from solar rays when the sun is low on the horizon (at daybreak and sunset). The skirt also makes your terrace or balcony into a cosy, private space. SOMBREX 500 is designed for a […].


Accessory – Crossed Arms Kit

The same width with much more projection

The ART Crossed Arms Kit was designed to complement systems which have limited projections due to width restrictions caused by the space available where the awning is installed. Using a piece which lowers the position of one of the arms by 8 cm, the arms […]


Accessory – Galaxia Weather Cover Accessory

Protective Instinct

The Galaxia weather cover helps to protect any system in the BASIC and ART RANGE by covering the awning when it is retracted. Models: ► G-260 ► G-290 ► G-290 Plus (with supplementary profile). The Galaxia weather cover can protect very […]