The shapes in the Splenbox range are inspired by nature. Its de-sign and technology offer the perfect balance between efficiency, strength, lightness and elegance.Its design in metal allows for a single-colour finish to give an im-peccable appearance of great aesthetic value and high quality.Its features and capacity allow for dimensions able to cover areas of up to 6 m in width x 4 m in projection with just one set of arms and the reinforced profiles kit.


  • Lacquer in accordance with QUALICOAT standards
  • Stainless steel screws and bolts
  • Arms with integral laquering


  • Motorised
  • Automated

CE Marking classification

Install it on

  • Terraces
  • Large terraces


  • Ceiling
  • Wall

Tension transmission system

The arms in the Splendor range are designed to ensure that the fabric is kept properly taut at all times, thanks to the self-adapting transmission system.

The operation of the joints is precise and efficient, as they have a duplex ball bearing system which is uni-que on the market.

The concealment of all the transmission components in the joint, its metal design and the slimness of the profiles give the Splendor arm ran-ge a smart, compact, exclusive look. 4.00 m.6



  • Adjustment of the slope using a rack system and its system of fixing on a plate make installation quick and easy.
  • Its design combines smooth shapes and angles with character to create a look ins pired by the variety of forms in nature.
  • The ideal dimensions of the system give it enormous versatility, allowing it to fit into a host of settings.

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