ONBOX-400 is the F1 cassette awning.

Its powerful look is based on an aerodynamic design and a complete standard equipment. ONBOX-400 finishes are 100% metal, it also allows led lighting in both front profile and retractable arms (when using the ONYX-LUX 400 model). These attributes drive the ONBOX-400 to a podium position at full speed. Its distinctive silhouette set trends and grants personality to the environments where it is integrated.


  • Lacquer in accordance with QUALICOAT standards
  • Stainless steel screws and bolts


  • Manual

  • Motorised

  • Automated


  • Terraces
  • Large terraces


  • Wall
  • Ceiling

Tension system

ONYX – ONYX LUX: Its tension system does not damage the lacquering and provides more tension and resistance compared with cable and chain systems.
Full integrated lighting system.
No cables in sight.

SPLENDOR: The concealment of all the transmission components in the join give the Splendor arm range a cutting edge look.



• Aerodynamic shapes, strength and exclusive design.
• High-end finishes, 100% metallic.
• Possibility of lighting in the front profile and the retractable arms.

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