The LLAZA brand is internationally recognized for its wide product portfolio and mostly for being highly specialized in manufacturing retractable arms and awning cassette systems.

We anticipate future changes investigating about new materials, drives, finishes, etc.

Models belonging to this product range


 The design and technological solution for modern architecture

The aesthetic of the KUADBOX-400 cassette awning makes it perfect to integrate into the façades thanks to its stylized construction and straight lines design.
It fits with the minimalist architecture styles offering, at the same time, advanced technical features to build up great dimensions incorporating more sets of arms.


Maticbox-S 350

The perfect cassette for contemporary architecture

Contemporary architecture, with its sharp, straight shapes, poses a challenge when it comes to fitting features into the façade. The Maticbox 350 cassette system is specially desig-ned with a view to the needs of specifications professionals.



STORBOX-400: R-Evolution


Since 1993 the STORBOX cassette awning has been constantly evolving to set new trends.
STORBOX-400 revolutionises the range with its aesthetic full of strength and vitality, with its greater projection capacity of up to 4 metres and with the addition of lighting in the arms and front profile.



Soft lines’ elegance and serenity

MOONBOX-400 is a cassette awning that inspires a world of sensations.
Its combination of materials and rounded shapes gives it a Zen look, a bold design and an air of distinction. With just one set of arms it covers an area up to 6.00 m width and 4,00 m projection.



ONBOX-400 is the F1 cassette awning.

Its powerful look is based on an aerodynamic design and a complete standard equipment. ONBOX-400 finishes are 100% metal, it also allows led lighting in both front profile and retractable arms (when using the ONYX-LUX 400 model). These attributes drive the ONBOX-400 to a podium position at full speed. Its distinctive silhouette set trends and grants personality to the environments where it is integrated.



The cassette with big possibilities

The shapes in the Splenbox range are inspired by nature. Its de-sign and technology offer the perfect balance between efficiency, strength, lightness and elegance.Its design in metal allows for a single-colour finish to give an im-peccable appearance of g […]



Advanced technology and design for multiple applications

This cassette strikes the perfect balance between efficiency, robustness, lightness and elegance. It is designed entirely in metal, giving it an impeccable appearance of high aesthetic va-lue and top quality. Thanks to the relationship between the size of […]



The most versatile cassette

This awning system with cassette stands out for its great versatility and adaptability to multiple applications. This is because it can be mounted in a variety of ways and because its brackets make installation very easy.



The perfect cassette for small spaces
This awning comes with a cassette system and is light, easy to install and very attractive. Thanks to its self-protec-tion system, there is no need to perform maintenance on the awning and it will have a considerably longer lifespan.


Created to cover large areas

This complete cassette system is especially suitable for large areas due to the unique combination of its cassette structure, easy installation and modern design.



Small in size, big in solutions

This is a self-protecting awning whose structure makes it ideal for installation on windows.