MINI-NEWS N. 134: The weekend comes to meet us with very high temperatures and much sun;) Nevertheless we hope you enjoy it a lot outdoors, that is for sure if you stay under the protection offered by a LLAZA solar protection system; ) Happy weekend!



The now-a-day sun protection market offers a wide range of products. There are many options to meet the needs of each customer: design, price, warranty, durability, etc … many factors are involved while taking the choice of a product.

Our extensive portfolio responds to all important requirements. Sometimes they are small great details that when you put them together it makes the big difference comparing with the other options: 100% metallic finishes, an exclusive point in design, more strength, durability and patented technology.

In the case of the Splendor arms, the total concealment of the tensioning system in the elbow gives it a look that is exclusive of the brand and unique in the market.

The integration of all the cables of the lighting system inside the arm and the joint differentiate the arms Onyx Lux-400 from the rest of led lighted retractable arms from the competitors . It is the only one that conducts the electrical connection inside the elbow, so as not to leave the wires in sight and in danger of being damaged.

Another detail of finishing are the side plates for the Splenbox 300 and Splenbox 400 cassette awnings. These are a couple of plates that hide the wall bracket and its fixings. They hide the whole anchoring system and confirm this model to be in the high-end category: 100% metallic look, aerodynamic design, beauty, strength and durability.


Until we do not dispose of final season numbers we can assure that the #eltoldodelverano awards from this season is more disputed than ever. Three models are strong positioned. From one side we have the STORBOX and SPLENBOX box awnings that disputed this tittle in previous years. On the other side it arrives the MATICBOX S-350 model, followed also by the KÜADBOX-400 model. At the end of the season will we know which one turns out to be the winner. In the meantime we will keep enjoying the beautiful works that you are publish on the net.

Here it is the weekly selection 😉

AWNINGS ON THE SIDE share the images of this LLAZA monobloc awning with three Splendor arms. Thanks to this solar protection system the porch of this house is totally protected from the UVA rays guaranteeing a pleasant stay.



ACEA BARÁ publishes the beautiful image of this terrace well protected from the sun with a retractable arm awning.

DECOPAV, on the other hand, shows us the final result of the installation of the SPLEBOX-400 model. Lacquered in white and with a striped fabric in white and gray, it combines perfectly with the façade, providing elegance and style.

ART Monobloc models provide strength, durability and are ideal for covering large spaces. This is the case of the installation by DULCE HOGAR DECORACIÓN: model ART Monoboc-350 lacquered in white with 4 ONYX arms. What a precious installation!

“A perfect 3 in a row” is what better describes this installation by FRIDENZON. Three ART Monoboc-350 with three arms each one with striped fabric. Looking at them they generate a nice optical effect.

FRIDENZON has also published the installation of several ART-Monobloc 350 mounted on a structure; They are lacquered in black with fabric in grey tones. It is a very elegant option that added to the views it becomes the ideal place to spend the long summer afternoons.

GALATEA FERROL this week shares several installations. In the first one we can appreciate a symmetrical vision that includes the Storbox model, the pool and the entrance door.

In the second one they show another Storbox cassette, but this time it is installed on the porch of a wooden house with beautiful views of a meadow.

The Moonbox-400 model is one of the new products of this season. Its curved lines and innovative design show a strong character. It is very well appreciated in the photos that TOLDOS MARIO RIVAS has shared. This time it is complemented with Onyx arms. It is laqueted in textured grey and integrates perfectly with the profiles of this store.

TOLDOS JUAN DEL RÍO shares this picturesque image of an Andalusian-style terrace. The ART-250 awning model with blue and white striped fabric fits perfectly with the decoration of this space.

A couple of weeks ago TENDALS EGARA showed us different installations of the MATICBOX S-350 model. This week they share tow of the SPLENBOX model. Lacquered in black or white. Which one do you like the best?

From USA we get these images from SO SHADE (ECLIPSE AWNINGS). It is a beautiful monobloc installation with 3 Llaza Splendor arms. It looks sensational on the porch of this house.

Have a great weekend!