MINI-NEWS N. 134: July begins and on Sunday 7th our Mini-News will be celebrating San Fermin in Pamplona.  Gora San Fermin 🙂



Month after month you keep surprising us with the beautiful installations that you publish in the social net. The level of the contest increases and many of you have shown that apart from being great installers you also are some potential photographers, knowing how to get the best profile of each installation.

This month want to reward a photo shoot that, from different angles, deserves to be the winner of the #tufotollaza contest.

We notices a set of photos that show an innovative premium product, amazingly placed in a very stylish environment. Everything has been captured in a perfect framing, taking care of the light, the focus, the depth of field and the saturation of colors. These images of TOLDOS MARIO RIVAS (GRUPOTOLDERO SOL ESPAÑA) are the most deserving winners of the #tufotollaza contest of June 2019.

We hope you enjoy the #mochilallaza and that you keep surprising us with such TOP installations.


Follow the trends we have observed during the spring months, we can predict that the preferred summer colors for awnings will be the smooth or textured 7016 ral and the brown cut.

Both are present in our architecture collection. They are the CAYAN (7016) and OKO colors.

CAYAN is a strong, bluish gray that gives personality and is easily combinable with the rest of the surrounding colors. The OKO color, with its rich mixture of ocher and brown tones, is ideal on warm colored facades or combined with natural woods.

At the end of summer we will consult the statistics to know the top 5 in lacquer colors.


Here it is a new call for July and here you have the first images that opt for the #mochilallaza of this month;)

Our cassette awnings adapt perfectly to the facades of contemporary and minimalist style. Thanks to their great integration, some models become imperceptible when closed and do not distort the design of the facade.

This is the case of the installation carried out by DECOPAV: Two STORBOX-300 frontal installation lacquered in the same color of the façade. They offer a perfect shade to the two terraces of this house. they hide themselves becoming almost invisible when they are closed.

TENDALS LA SERRA publishes the installation of the SPLENBOX-400 cassette awning. Its black lacquer brings design and elegance to the facade of this house, guaranteeing a premium shade.

EUROTOLDOS shows on Instagram the installation of a classic awning: the COMPLET PRO-350 model. This is a support that has been developed thank to many installers suggestions. Considering its benefits, this model of awning becomes the ideal solution for the entrance of this shop.

FABRICANTES DE SOMBRAS show us the final touches of a Splenbox-400 installation. It is lacquered in white. With the striped sailor look fabric gives a very Ibizan look to this terrace.

AWNINGS ON THE SIDE offers us a video of a butterfly awning DUOX in operation. This is a two in one that reaches 36m2 of shade. It is a perfect solution for gardens as it is self-supporting. This model is also a very smart choice for the HORECA channel.

The STORBOX maintains as one of the big stars of this summer. Its design with aluminum caps and its great features makes it very attractive for many of your installations. This week we find it also in this installation by GALATEA FERROL. It is lacquered in white to adapt to the surrounding at the same time that guarantees the perfect shade to the porch of this house.

PERSIANAS LUXURY shows us the installation of two WINBOX-350 with WIN arms with concealment of the tension system. Lacquered in white with gray canvas these two cassettes bring elegance to the terrace of this house.

TENDALS EGARA confesses his love for the MATICBOX S-350 model. From the Mini-News we declare ourselves to be fans of his publications. This time we can admire two MATICBOX S-350 lacquered in brown with red fabric. Its minimalist design and high-end features are some main reasons for the installers to chose it. MATICBOX S-350 is a clear candidate for the title of #eltoldodelverano #thefashionawning 2109.