MINI-NEWS N.129: May is at its end and we enjoy an almost summer weather. Here they come the latest collection of photos participating in the #tufotollaza contest this month and relevant information for the sector;) Have a good weekend!


The Verastor-sky model achieves the maximum tension of the fabric thanks to its locking system.

This mechanism is one of the strengths of this product. The easy installation and the spectacular dimensions that Verastor-sky can achieve turn this product into a 5 stars shade.


This is the last selection that is going to be included in the #tufotollaza contest of this month. Our Mini-News will go through a difficult time this weekend choosing the May winner. On Monday we will announce it 🙂

Here you have the extensive and plural selection of this Friday.

TOLDOS ROLDÁN has tweeted this installation of several Microbox-300. All of them lacquered in green color and complemented with striped Recasens fabric in the same tone. They are perfect to protect this home and provide energy savings.

TOLDOS RODRISOL has posted on Facebook an ELIT system lacquered in white that looks sensational on the terrace of this house.

TOLDOS JUAN ANTONIO BERNAL shows this installation of a Duox system. An ideal model for the HORECA channel. This time it is complemented with ONYX LUX arms. This combination makes this terrace the ideal place both day and night to sit down and have a good time.

BERGES TRENTON AWNINGS delights us with this beautiful video recorded from a drone. It allows us to have a different point of view of the solar protection element installed in the house. In this case it is a MONOBOX-400 box awning. Seen from the sky we can appreciate its great dimensions and the beautiful landscape that surrounds it.

TOLDOS GATO shows us an installation of the STORBOX-300 model installed on the terrace of this penthouse. It is lacquered in black with fabric in beige tones. From now on this awning will be best solar protection for the owners of the house.

The cassette awning MATICBOX S-350 is one of the candidate models for the tittle of #eltoldodelverano 2019 (the awning of the summer 2019). Its straight lines design adapt perfectly to contemporary architecture and becomes almost imperceptible when it is closed and installed on the roof. We can sure notice these characteristics in the installation performed by TENDALS ALSINA, so precious!!

Another installations that has impacted us this week is the one of Tendals Egara: five STORBOX-300 lacquered in black with Splendor arms that are so spectacular in the garden of this beautiful house.

The VERASTOR-SKY model offers a five-star shade: maximum tension of the fabric and large dimensions. We can see it in the photos of TOLDOS ABAN: A Verastor-Sky structure that covers the entire terrace of this house offering a pleasant and spacious enjoyment.

GALATEA FERROL publishes this picturesque image. I is an installation of the STORBOX-250 cassette model lacquered in brown. It adapts so well to the rural style of the house.

AOTSSHADES shares this image of a LLAZA monobloc system. The porch of this house gains protection and privacy and becomes the perfect place to admire the beautiful landscape surrounding the house.

LUZTEC THE SITE publishes an installation of the pioneer cassette awning, the STORBOX-300. A fantastic solution for this terrace in front of the sea.