Certified quality

The solar protection systems developed by LLAZA meet demanding quality requirements.

All LLAZA models are conceived following the guidelines of length, strength and resistance established by the European Union. Its manufacture is carried out so that the installer can carry out the rest of the steps and can mark the awning with the CE mark that certifies compliance with the European Standard UNE-EN 13561:2015.

Experience and Internationality

The 50 years designing and manufacturing systems for awnings provide LLAZA with high levels of specialization, rigor and knowledge in the more than 70 countries in which our systems are installed.

Technology and Innovation (R&D)

The combination of experience, wisdom, rigor, professionalism, freshness and dynamism makes LLAZA's team of engineers unique. This team stands out for its capacity for innovation, its imprint on design and its intuition for functional success.

manufacturing warranty

LLAZA WORLD, SA establishes a total guarantee for its products for a period of 2 years, counting from the date of installation or 30 months from the date of manufacture printed on its products. Lacquered coatings have a 3-year guarantee.