HABITAT LLAZA – The art of outdoor living

LLAZA HABITAT offers the best solutions for outdoor spaces with the most innovative design and the greatest comfort. This range is made up of a careful selection of bioclimatic pergolas, tensile pergolas, perimeter enclosures and roof systems. The diversity of proposals LLAZA HABITAT guarantees the ideal protection for every need.

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365 days 24 hours

Thanks to their resistance to inclement weather and their mechanisms with built-in lighting system, they become the perfect solution to enjoy outdoor spaces every day of the year, 24 hours a day.

tensioned pergolas

Can you imagine enjoying the advantages of an interior and exterior space at the same time?
These structures are the perfect solutiona for vivir special moments or protect ourselves against adverse weather conditions.


Bioclimatic Pergolas

Bioclimatic pergolas help us create comfortable spaces with multiple configurations.
Its aluminum slat covers are the perfect solution to achieve, at all times, the ideal balance between protection and ventilation, together with the comfort of a fully motorized system.


roof systems

Being indoors creates a feeling of security and privacy.
People love to enjoy the outdoors and the sunlight, always with the feeling of being protected and having everything under control. This positive experience is made possible thanks to the two products that HABITAT LLAZA incorporates into its selection of mobile roofs.


Perimeter enclosures

VERTICAL AWNINGS, like roller blinds, are easily installed between the columns of the structures.
It is a light and economical type of closure that has the ease of motorized operation. Depending on the fabric applied, we will obtain a higher or lower rate of permeability with the outside environment.