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This is high level

This is high level
The new LLAZA stable adjustment system to align the arms:

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In a single operation:

The alignment is made with the awning closed; there is always visual reference of the arms during the leveling operation.


+Assembly speed: Reduces the time dedicated to the leveling operation of the arms to the maximum.

+ Effectiveness of the installation work.

Robust alignment thanks to the system patented by LLAZA.

Despite strong wind blows, heavy loads, or continued use, the arm level settings remain stable.


+Aesthetic value: By always maintaining the correct position of the elbows, complaints are avoided.

+ Customer satisfaction: no bad experiences by losing the symmetrical appeal of the awning.

Already available for: KÜADBOX-400, MATICBOX S-350, MOONBOX-400, ONBOX-400 & MONOBLOC PLUS 400

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