How eager we were to restart this contest! Looking at the images we can say that it was worth waiting for. In just one week you have shared an infinity of works that have left us speechless, even if you cannot see it 😷 These awnings smell of summer and form idyllic spaces to

YOUR HOME: Rest oasis

We have a strong mental association between summer season and holidays. Both concepts are linked to family enjoyment, disconnection from routine and relaxation to recharge energy. The exceptional situation in the world is forcing a change in priorities and preferences when organizing this year's holidays. The fantastic resort thousands of kilometres away has lost


Summer, the most joyful season of the year is already here. The right time has come to enjoy the beach, the swimming pool and the terraces. It is especially in this season that we have to protect ourselves more than ever from harmful UV rays, avoiding exposure to the sun when its impact is

PERGOELIT-100: 100% irresistible

Feturing: PERGOELIT-100, one of our products for the season. This is a pergola system composed by large 100x100 mm profiles. and connecting pieces that provide endless possibilities to adapt the product to your outdoor spaces. This pergola reaches maximum dimensions of 7x7 m. front to wall or independent from the wall. PERGOELIT-100 creates intimate and


MINI-NEWS N. 136: This week we have celebrated what Neil Armstrong defined as " That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.". On July 16th  it was already 50 years since the arrival of man on the moon. Technology, unity, courage and determination are essential in the important steps towards the


MINI-NEWS N. 134: The weekend comes to meet us with very high temperatures and much sun;).   Nevertheless we hope you enjoy it a lot outdoors, that is for sure if you stay under the protection offered by a LLAZA solar protection system; ) Happy weekend!  


MINI-NEWS N. 134: July begins and on Sunday 7th our Mini-News will be celebrating San Fermin in Pamplona.  Gora San Fermin :)   WINNER #TUFOTOLLAZA Month after month you keep surprising us with the beautiful installations that you publish in the